Statement for ‘Stone Series’

Color, and its boundless capacity for space, expression, mood and psychology is always at the forefront of my work. A recent trip through one-billion-year-old, rock canyons in Utah inspire this recent series of jewel- like, intense collages. My desire is to evoke materiality of stone, the push and pull of landscape, the spontaneity of brushstroke, and the presence of the hand. Ultimately, I hope to convey a sense of place and a wide range of feeling from the limitless, rhythmic interplay of color and form. These small and intimate works are conveyed in intense hues made available by the high pigmentation in gouache paint.

 Process is key in the development of these pieces. I have a ritualistic way of building the work. I begin with a spontaneous flow of applying multiple layers of highly pigmented gouache to thin paper. This allows fresh gestural strokes and unanticipated streaking and pentimento that inevitably arrives with the density of stacking the veils of color in varying opaque and transparent hues. These become the raw materials for my collages, so that the freshness of that first initial touch remains present in the final piece. I treat an individual sheet of watercolor paper or board in a similiar way with a more singular transparent watercolor pigment. Upon these surfaces are built the collage from the tearing and pasting of the thinner paper. The collage process is the last step of the flow, as I combine all of these elements together. There is never a pre-conceived notion of how the piece will end.