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  As a native of Rhode Island (known as the "Ocean State") the vastness of the sea has always been a prominent source of inspiration. Other influences include Euclidian geometry, architectural drawings, and traditional quilting. I am interested in the contrast of illusionistic space simultaneously existing with flatness. The imagery is open to multiple interpretations; forms can describe a sky, a diagram, a syncopated beat, a pathway or a horizon. 


  My paintings harness the ever-present current of flux and transience, which for me is at the core of the human experience. I use tone and line to explore oppositional forces: two dimensional pattern with spatial depth, fast and slow, density with transparency, rooted with reaching, structure with gesture. The tension created by these varying elements existing together on the picture plane give my paintings a magnetic strength.


  Process is paramount in my work. As a child, my favorite aspect of painting was squeezing out the raw, pigmented paint from the tube and anticipating the creative journeys that lay therein. To this day I still get a visual and tactile thrill out of the coolness of prussian blue, the zing of cadmium reds, and the earthiness of yellow ochre on my palette. I experience a visceral pleasure in the beauty and potential of these initial puddles of chroma.


  I often work with a limited palette of three to four colors in each piece letting the work unfurl organically as I begin painting. I mix layered tones, playing upon variations of hue, value and intensity to create rhythmic movement. Through complex problem solving and trial and error, the colors eventually unfold and reveal how they wish to be structured. Through the experience of looking, I hope for meaning and emotion to unfold for the viewer.



1999-2001       Parsons School of Design

                            Master of Fine Arts, Painting


1994-1996       Massachusetts College of Art



1987-1992       Rhode Island School of Design

                            Bachelor of Fine Arts


Paint Lab

September, 2013. Quarry Publishers

Color Lab for Mixed- Media Artists

January, 2015. Quarry Publishers

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